28 Day Supply Slimming Tea Tox

28 Day Supply Slimming Tea Tox

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Our Slimming Tea ☕️ Tox is a blend that We created ourselves!


-Loose Weight

-Reduces bloating

-Detoxes your entire body

-Suppresses appetite

-Gives Energy

-Targets abdominal Fat / bloating

Start your week off strong with a good Detox! Did you know Our detox is not just a tummy detox, It is a full body detox too! Get rid of all of those toxins , parasites , & harmful free radicals that may cause sicknesses. Minimizing the toxins in your body is 🔑 Key no matter what your goal is. Our detox won’t leave you slumped over the toilet and dehydrated. Many people think that a detox is only suppose to make you run to the bathroom with diarrhea. ☝🏽I’m here to let you know that a great detox filters excess toxins through your kidneys and waste from your blood and releases them in your urine, not just make you “💩” & dehydrated 🥴. A full body detox that not only cleanses your whole body but helps eliminate belly fat as well is what we like to call a 2 for 1! 🤪🥰☺️ Get Snatched while also being the healthiest You 💪🏽✨

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We recommend you drink 2 cups a day for best results, drink 1 gallon of water a day along with wearing your waist trainer for faster results.